2014 CrossFit Regionals season is now over!

Where Can I WOD enjoyed our first CrossFit Regionals season as Vendors and not just passionate CrossFitters!!! It was one of the best I can remember attending as the CrossFit Games continue to improve the experience for Athletes, Vendors, and Spectators alike… anyone remember that torrential downpour at NorCal Regionals in 2011??

Check us out with Sam Briggs, the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth, Rory Zambard, 2 times Games Athlete, Dan Bailey, 3 times Games athlete, and Lauren Fisher who will be attending the Games for the first time as an individual this year!!

Where Can I WOD traveled to **3** different CrossFit Regionals: North West, NorCal and SoCal! We spanned the entire West Coast meeting Athletes, Box Owners, Fellow Vendors and Box Members. Every Vendor, Affiliate Owner and Box Member we talked to validated that Where Can I WOD not only fills a huge void but will improve this community that we are all so committed to.

We appreciate all of the support and hospitality we were shown by the community and will continue to work hard to make the drop-in experience better for all!

Please SIGN UP as an Affiliate Member or REGISTER to enter a raffle for a 5-WOD Pack!.

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