Box Owners

    Where Can I WOD Affiliate Network
    What’s In It For Me?

    We Do Your Marketing:

    Leveraging our database & custom locator, driving traffic to your Box ~> and that's just the start!

    Street Teams Promote at Top Events:
    ➢ Including at the CrossFit Games, THIS PAST SUMMER in Carson, CA,
    ➢ The National Pro Grid League (NPGL) Final Combine and Matches at the end of the summer– plus,
    ➢ Local competitions as well.

    With this “in-your-face” friendly grassroots effort, being a part of the Where Can I WOD Affiliate Network, you become a potential recipient of new drop-ins ~> possibly even new permanent members too.

    But we’re not even done yet!

    ➢ Ongoing eCampaigns to promote new additions to WOD Pack Members
    ➢ PLUS, existing WOD Pack Members get expansion updates.
    ➢ We offer monthly raffle giveaways of WOD Packs & T-shirts
    ➢ We also do features on Boxes, using both Social Media and eCampaigns! Which means,
    ➢ Every time they hear from us, they hear from you!

    All of these Active Marketing Strategies can increase revenues. This creates Nationwide Exposure for your box!

    Where Can I WOD streamlines time and processes for
    WOD Pack Members, as well as Box Owners and Coaches:

    How Do You Do It?
    ➢  Crush scheduling logistics,
    ➢  Handle all back-end communication,
    ➢  Provide Where Can I WOD's pre-signed SmartWaiver to you,
    WOD Pack Members must affirm they have minimum 6 months experience to drop-in at your box!
    ➢  Eliminate drop-in payment issues, &
    ➢  Make all transactions cardless and cashless.

    We simplify the drop-in process so YOU can get back to focusing on fitness: one WOD at a time.

    What’s The Process: How Does This Work?

    WOD Pack Members buy:

    ➢  5-WOD Packs,
    ➢  10-WOD Packs, or
    ➢  15-WOD Packs.

    Affiliate Members receive a flat rate of the WOD Pack Member payment per drop-in, regardless of what your standard drop-in rate happens to be today.

    ➢  Accounts are settled Quarterly...
    ➢  Receive an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
    ➢  Receive a Quarterly eMail that details: # of drop-ins your have accommodated, and the rate at which each drop-in was billed.

    Payout structure details will be sent to you in a Welcome eMail upon receipt of Sign Up!

    Certain Classes on our Schedule CANNOT Accommodate Drop-Ins: How do you handle this?

    You complete a brief survey about your processes upon Where Can I WOD enrollment. It asks specifically which classes can accommodate Where Can I WOD drop-ins.

    Unavailable classes will not display on our website.

    What Happens When a WOD Pack Member wishes to drop-in at my box?

    ➢  A WOD Pack Member submits a Drop-In Request through Where Can I WOD.
    ➢ We will instantly eMail to notify you of the drop-in.
    ➢  Your available drop-in classes are already on our website, so
    ➢ We do not require a response from you... however
    ➢  If there is a problem with the drop-in, we must hear from you within 3 hours.

    We confirm each WOD Pack Member's drop-in within 4 hours of the reservation.

    What Does It Cost To Become a Where Can I WOD Affiliate Member?

    ZERO : zip…nil…nada!

    A 1.5% merchant transaction fee applies (processed your via quarterly payouts) covering the transaction cost of the payment made.

    ~> HALF, or less, of any merchant services fee offered.

    Incurred as a standard drop-in cardless and cashless transaction cost, it is not a cost of affiliation or enrollment, with our network.

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