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Where Can I WOD Owners


Stephanie Shen – Owner / Co-Founder

Stephanie found CrossFit in 2009 at a traditional gym in Walnut Creek, CA. Her original coaches were 2 well known Bay Area Athletes: Jamie Lee, current Coach at Diablo CrossFit, who has been to the CrossFit Games twice in 3 years on their team, and Dusty Sulon, current Head Coach at CrossFit Danville, who has been a CrossFit Games Regionals competitor for 3 years. She currently is a member at CrossFit Danville and she got her CrossFit Level 1 Certification in 2013 at “The Ranch” in Aromas, CA.

As a former professional dancer and cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers, CrossFit filled a void that was left when she hung up her dance shoes to follow a “normal” life, which included a real job, and twins, Michael and Carmel, that were born in November 2009. Those real jobs included working in commercial real estate, then title insurance, and subsequently starting her own successful business as a mobile notary and signing agent in 2011. CrossFit gives all moms the ability to “do it all!”

Howard Chen – Owner / Co-Founder

Howard started CrossFit at CrossFit Burn in 2010 with Jamie Lee, now a part of Diablo CrossFit. After going to a couple of different boxes he found his home at CrossFit Danville. In 2013 he also completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification at “The Ranch” in Aromas, CA.

Sports and competition were an integral part of his childhood playing every sport possible until focusing purely on competitive tennis. As a self-proclaimed “inner fat kid,” discovering CrossFit rekindled his athletic fire and while he doesn’t actively compete, CrossFit allows him to maintain a balanced “fat-kid” yet healthy lifestyle.

Howard had a strong interest in computers from a young age, working in an IT department for a semi-conductor firm at the age of 16. Howard’s first experience with computers involved building a computer from scratch in middle school and eventually graduated to writing code and html.  While his experience and perpetual hobby of computers and all things technology didn’t lead to a career in computers, it is instrumental on the back-end of Where Can I WOD. Since that experience Howard worked in restaurant management for 4 years and then financial services for the past 6 years.

Why Where Can I WOD?

Where Can I WOD was a culmination of their passion for CrossFit, love of the community, some opportunistic timing and filling a personal need. The idea was initially conceived over a bottle of wine and the desire to provide Stephanie a way to spend more time with the twins at nighttime. All of these dimensions led them to create Where Can I WOD, which has happily and quickly become their third child! They are thrilled to provide a much needed service to this community that has given so much to them.

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