Member Spotlight: Margie Calvin of CrossFit Danville!!

Welcome to one of our promised features – Member Spotlights at our different affiliates all over the country! If you are a WOD PACK member or a member at one of our affiliates and would like to be featured, please email your story, how you think Where Can I WOD can help you, and a picture to We look forward to bringing you something personal from real people all over the country.

giants race - Margie
This is a picture of Margie from her first 5K in Aug 2012, then the same race 1 year later after doing CrossFit!

Margie’s Story, In Her Own Words

“2 years ago my CrossFit story began. I was overweight, non- athletic and ready for a change. I stumbled into CrossFit because my brother had been going and could not stop talking about it. It sounded like fun, if you can call working out fun, so I thought I would give it a try. I had no idea what I was getting into. It was hard and I was confused and there was so much that I had no idea about. But I liked what was going on. The people were nice and helped me out and I started making friends. I continued to go 3 days a week for a few months and really started to see some changes in me. Not just so much in my body but in my mind.

Not only had I started a new gym but a new life began. I had no idea what was about to become of the old Margie. But all of a sudden a new Margie had appeared. This one was all about gym life. All of a sudden work hours had changed, school hours had changed, and life style had changed. What had become the priority was the gym. When can I go, when can I fit it in, and what do I have to change to make sure that I can go at least 5 days a week? I was becoming CrossFit Margie and there was no stopping where she was going.

It’s funny when you are registering for the Open and it has all the questions about yourself on of them Is “have you had a life changing moment with CrossFit?” and you know what, damn right I have. It has changed everything that I do. Its now the focus of the day and everything else just falls in around it.

I believe in CrossFit, I believe that anyone can do it, I believe that you can believe in yourself and anything can happen. That is where my story starts now. In my CrossFit journey I have done a little bit of traveling. A couple of times to different Hawaiian Islands and a few stops around California. In these stops I now make it a point to make sure that I know where I am going to CrossFit when I am on vacation. Sometimes this has been a huge pain. There are so many sites to look at and it is hard to know what the classes are and how much the drop-ins are. With Where Can I WOD it makes it so easy! Instead of checking 3 or 4 websites and hoping that you are going to find everything that you need it is one stop shopping. All you have to do is click on the app (or web site) and see what CrossFits are in the location where you are going. The CF website comes up immediately and you can read the blog and see the class times, this is such a time saver. No more looking at numerous websites hoping to find all of the information that you need!”

Thank you Margie!! We are so lucky to have you in the Where Can I WOD Family! We hope to hear more from all of you out there soon!

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